Elder Maryann Coconut and Annalise Jennings – The Family Domestic Violence Conference

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downloadFamily Domestic Violence Conference – Rockhampton Australia

Great seeing Elder Maryann Coconut who made the long journey from the remote community of Napranum to Rockhampton to support Annalise Jennings’ presentation on the topic of Family Domestic Violence.

Annalise has developed a best practice model for change which has been successfully applied through Cape York communities since 2009. The results were not only evident but immediate, Napranum is a humbling example of Annalise’s work, where she introduced the concept that lasting social reform can only be achieved by community growth and economic development not intervention
From the outset Annalise’s work around community ownership, collaborative service delivery and community transformation struck a chord with indigenous people. The fundamentals of engagement, ownership and responsibility for change are deeply embedded in her “Whole of Community Change” program which has proven to be very successful.

Napranum achieved 40% increase in community owned infrastructure and a huge 60% increase in employment as a result of her program. Of great significance is the fact that negative social indicators such as domestic violence and adult court appearances declined rapidly. The Napranum Safe House which housed up to 12 victims at various times is now empty and the shelter closed!
Annalise’s process ignited a community responsibility around domestic and family violence never achieved in mainstream intervention programs.

Cr Maryann Coconut Community Elder and Councillor and Chairman of the Indigenous Justice Group says…”for a start with child safety, we had children in the Safe House. We haven’t got any children their now. So… the parents are looking after their children..

Article – First Nations Telegraph – Napranum Safe House is Empty – read



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